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Marvel IP Universe combined with NFT! Official digital collectibles will hit the VeVe market this year

klondikeday2周前 (05-09)37
Comic giant diffuse wei in 24 in official website announced with NFT VeVe cooperation platform, the platform after the previous DC, back to the future...

State Street moves into digital assets! State Street CEO: Digital assets will be an important driving force for the industry in the next five years

klondikeday2周前 (05-09)17
State Street Corporation, America's second oldest financial institution, announced the creation of a new division focused on Digital finance, State St...

UK digital bank Starling has imposed a temporary ban: users will not be allowed to join gold cryptocurrency exchanges

klondikeday2周前 (05-09)16
UK digital bank Starling has announced that it will temporarily ban users from sending money to cryptocurrency exchanges due to financial crime concer...